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September 30, 2009

WEP Cracking on Eee PC 701 – Dummy Guide

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After much fiddling, I manage to find the most simple way to do WiFi WEP cracking on Eee PC.

You don’t even need to know linux 😀

No more typing in command on the terminal and memory all the MAC address, channel , etc.

I gonna update this with screenshot later and adding more WEP cracking technique.

How to Install BackTrack 3 Final with Spoonwep in EEE PC

**I have copy all necessary file into the Eee PC laptop, under folder BackTrack.

***Download Link will be update later, stay tune~

1. Ensure you have the Backtrack 3 ISO (bt3final_usb.iso)
2. Ensure you have the spoonwep2.lzm & spoonwpa.lzm file.
3. Run UNetbootin.exe.
4. Select the ISO option and select the Backtrack 3 ISO.
5. Select the USB Drive / SD Card Drive (E:?)
6. Press OK.
7. Once complete, DON’T REBOOT the machine.
8. Open the USB Drive / SD Card Drive, browse to BT3\modules\
9. Copy the spoonwep2.lzm & spoonwpa.lzm into BT3\modules\.
10. Plug the USB Drive / SD Card into EEE PC.
11. Press F2 when power on the machine.
12. Go to the Boot tab and select the HardDisk Drive.
13. Make sure your USB Drive or SD Card is the 1st Harddisk.
14. Save and exit.
15. The EEE PC will boot into Backtrack Linux now.
16. Best select the Backtrack 3 with KDE option.

How to Crack WEP using SpoonWEP2.

1. In case you need login, the Backtrack 3 loginname is root and password is toor.
2. Once the desktop is finish loading, you can now open the Konsole terminal (2nd icon at the taskbar)
3. Once the Terminal window is up, type this

  • Spoonwep

4. You will launch the Spoonwep window
5. For EEE PC this is the setting you need to put in:

  • Interface     : ath0
  • Driver        : Atheros
  • Victims        : Unknown Victims

6. You now at the next tab, this is where you discover the AP you want to crack.
7. Press Launch button, then wait for awhile.(~1 min)
8. The Spoonwep will display all AP that use WEP and crackable.
9. Notice the AP display will show the Packet rate and the Wireless transmit power.
10. Select the AP you want the crack (highlight the AP), then press selection OK.
11. If there is client detected (at the bottom of the AP list), you can select it later to try different method of WEP cracking. **We don’t use it now**
12. Leave everything at default, this is the most common method.

  • Attack        : ARP attack
  • WEP Key        : Unknown
  • Attack rate    : 600
  • Base MAC    : <AUTO>
  • client        : <client-less attack>
  • Channel        : <AUTO>

13. What you need to do now is press Launch. Wait a few min and the WEP key will be crack and display in down there 🙂



  1. hey ,

    i did everything that you say but i got no wifi card found in my eeepc 701 sd and no sound as well is there any copy of bt3 thas supports the eeepc

    and were can i find it whit spoonweb


    Comment by patrick — November 19, 2009 @ 5:21 PM

  2. Bro, I have to say, you just made everything work!! And also proved that I’m one of the dummies! XD

    Comment by Gavin — August 9, 2010 @ 2:11 AM

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